Narda McCarroll – Theatre Designer

Narda McCarroll – Theatre Designer

Titus Andronicus ~ Costume Design

Chris Bullough as Saturninus

Mark Jenkins as Demetrius, Shomee Chakrabartty as Aaron, James Hamilton as Chiron

Nadien Chu as Lavinia, Darren Paul as Bassianus, Belinda Cornish as Tamora

Belinda Cornish as Tamora, Chris Bullough as Saturninus

John Wright as Titus, Nadien Chu as Lavinia, Nathan Cuckow as Lucius, Troy O’Donnell as Marcus

Belinda Cornish as Tamora

Mark Jenkins as Demetrius, Nadien Chu as Lavinia, James Hamilton as Chiron, John Wright as Titus

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare
Costume Design for The Freewill Shakespeare Festival
Directed by Marianne Copithorne
Set & Lighting Design by David Fraser

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